You need green beads with holes of different sizes -a long, narrow rail -3 spools metal wire brown vase for bonsai -fast dry plaster -moss & pebbles
Work on this composition begins with the barrel. For its production will need a narrow wooden rail around which the wire is wound brown 3 coils at the same time. 1. Wound with wire the entire rack, special scissors, trim the wire on both ends and mount on the barrel. Then straighten the trunk and be careful not to hurt yourself, wrap one end.
2. At the top of the trunk form a crown, to do this, divide the ends of the wire and, if desired, twist them together.
3-4-5. For the manufacture of twigs you can apply different ways to use beads with holes of different sizes. The first method: string 1 bead onto the wire and secure it by pulling both sides of the second wire. Continue to secure the beads until the end of both wires, then twist and cut the ends. Second method: cross both wires, passing them through the bead and continue stringing beads until the end of the wires, which are interwoven after each of the beads, i.e. rotate around its axis. Cut the protruding wire ends. This method can only be used when working with beads with larger holes.
6. One of the methods mentioned above make a number of twigs required to create a lush crown.
Secure the tree in a vase with plaster and close the exposed part of the root layer of moss and stone. Give the classic crown shape weeping willow.


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