Good day to all lovers and lovers of beadwork! You know, it happens that many throw their hobby, even if it is a favorite occupation for the hands and soul. A lot of cases, worries, concerns and reasons not to launch a new product. And how it is nice if the hands still came to him again, miraculously found the time and a burning desire to create is, such things! This is just one of those stories from Elena, who decided with us to share it. And then go to the author's text and photos.

Lovely Sakura



My name is Elena. Beads was fond in the childhood, but then abandoned, the time is not enough, it even what causes arise. Two months ago there was an idea to weave wood bead, the Internet has found all the useful information and started to bring the idea to life.

The result exceeded all my expectations, I loved it. And most importantly — so much fun, and not so much time is spent. My first tree was "bonsai", and the second "Sakura". Beginning to weave from the middle of may. And will continue to improve.

Lovely Sakura

A sin that do not put their photos or complementary crafts a false description that is already there on the Internet on many sites and blozhikah, without words and explanations. Therefore, it is very difficult to lay out such work.

Thank You, Elena, for the beautiful tree and Your story! Incredibly happy to receive letters, which is embedded in the soul and real photographic pictures. Whatever You got hack, now home decoration!

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