Snowy tree
You need -beads of white color - white and transparent flowers in the shape of stars -galvanized wire white -semi-rigid rods vase for bonsai the gypsum and moss
1. On a long stretch of white wire string 1 bead.
2. Wire fold in half and thread both ends through the hole in the middle of the finished flower.
3. On one end of the wire attached to the flower, string 1 white bead. Twist the wire at the base of the flower, securing the bead under it.
4.In this way prepare 100-110 transparent and white flowers. Then make a 60 white branches, consisting of 7 loops for 7 beads each. Prepare all components and get down to making bunches of different types: - bouquets, consisting of 3-4 transparent and of 5 white flowers (or Vice versa), tie one of the ends of the wire; - bunches similar to that described above, but in the lower parts attach to 5 branches with white leaves; - bouquets that consists of only white flowers (6 or 7); -bouquets, consisting only of leaves. All bunches attach them evenly wound to a height of 3-4 cm. 5. Start making branches of the tree: at the top end of semi-rigid rod attach the first bouquet; wrapped wire portion of the twigs, cover it again with another layer of white wire to a height of 2 cm and attach the second bunch
6. Attach the next bouquet and wrap the white wire. Continue making branches until the end of bunches. Assembly: cut it in half with one semi-rigid rod and attach the separate branches, forming the structure of the trunk. The plant can be given any shape. To make the barrel seemed thicker, while the winding wire attach wooden sticks. After finishing the song, prepare a plaster solution, and secure the plant in the vase.

Snowy tree

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