Color to Pereval is a difficult form of embroidery carried out on the net. It is prevalent in many regions of Russia. In color of Previti perform geometric, floral patterns, embroidered with figures of animals and people. It is used to decorate walkways, bed and table linen, women's clothing. Along with colour pereview apply seam "cross", set painting. Create it for podernuta the grid, often at small scale, which pull the filaments is smaller than the left.

Before the embroidery it is necessary to calculate the number of cells and size of cells. Then outline the border of the embroidery pattern. For this from all sides embroidery trimmed with 4 threads to make a rectangle or square depending on the pattern. Then calculate the size of the cell. Figure measure a few cells and put them on the fabric. Think of the filament, and is divided into cells. Along the formed lines pave the seam "forward needle" and I believe threads of the fabric. For example, 4 strands grab a needle and 5 threads passed. Then threads are cut and pulled in 2 directions to make a mesh.

In between leave 2 threads less pull. Near the edge pull 1 thread less than in other cells. Now you can fill the grid pattern of colored or monochromatic threads. This stage is called stanu. The grid is filled by perelivania threads in vertical and horizontal directions. In steni pattern to a denser texture than the mending. It is also easy stlan no outline. After creating a drawing the remainder of the grid translated a colored thread along the diagonal. At the intersections of filaments in the transitions from one column to another, usually doing the stitches in the cross.

Thread for upholstery the fabric should match the fabric. If it is thin and the threads should be fine. Mesh on thick materials thick thread wrapped 2 or 3 times. About-vivka as follows. The working thread is wrapped with a vertical column, then horizontal, moving diagonally from one end to the other. At the edge of the grid working thread injected for 2 strands from the edge opposite the column, otherwise the edges will crumble.

In order that the seam was beautiful and even novice seamstresses from fabrics 1 pull out the yarn at the beginning of the seam. This allows you to correctly count the stitches and to perform a smooth seam.

After executing the drawing and outer mesh makes the overcast the edges by gladium roller. It sometimes replaced the hinge seam. If the roller to make convex, before whipping pave the floss thread in 5-6 additions. Stitches padevogo cushion should be laid tightly and smoothly. They need to lay the bottom

up. If the edge of the mesh is uneven or toothed, its overcast stitch seam. The backing thread is also used. Roller width should be equal to 3 mm, and the width of the buttonhole seam 4-5 mm.

When executing the color of Previti often make the error of calculations of thread support. Therefore, for this type of embroidery should choose a fabric with a clear weave and large figure.

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