Chinese embroidery has subtle work and the effect of its transparency. Chinese artists create paintings and murals in which the embroidery looks like a watercolor. Highly artistic work on

a distance look like photographs. Often depicting landscapes, birds, fish, Lotus flowers and peony, heroes of the Chinese epic. The embroidery is carried out on silk fabric with silk thread. They are divided into 16 strings. The various elements of the figure execute threads of different thickness. For example, the base of the leaf to create a thicker thread, and the edges thinner. This gives the effect of transparency. For example, to create the feeling of animal hair, first put the stitches in thick thread, and then on top of him stitch stitch applied over thin strands that mimic the fuzz of the animal. Chinese craftsmen use the direction of the stitches to change the color of the embroidery.

The silk — based is very thin, therefore there are holes from any needle. In embroidery master can not never be wrong.

The Chinese masters use ready-made illustrations, has been printed on silk. All lines are in the process of close embroidery. The most skilled craftsmen embroider on silk without pattern, as if creating a picture thread. In China are bilateral and embroidery.

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