Russian expanse are used for decorating clothes and household items. Often it is performed on fabrics, bright colors: beige, grey, blue, cream. The whole picture is filled with the usual stitches with a seam "forward a needle", representing them in a vertical or horizontal direction. On the front side of the stitches are laid in a staggered manner from one edge to the other. One stitch covers from 10-12 threads of the fabric, the gaps between the stitches make 1-2 threads of the fabric. Put yourself stitches without counting. When he reached the end of the row, turn the needle with the working thread 180° and go back

fill in the spaces between the stitches of the 1st row. Thus, the stitches in the Russian surface placed very close to each other. All stitches are equal in length. Each should end in the middle of the previous one.

In the Russian surface usually embroider a rather large floral patterns. The middle stroke of the flowers fill the seam. This surface often combined with using hemstitch, set, painted, stalk stitch.

Special line Russian surface to emit the Alexander surface. The floral patterns of this surface is decorated with clothing, bed and table linen. In this embroidery uses elements bilateral smooth surface Russian surface seam "goat", loops with pakracani, stalk stitch, "knots". For example, the grass blades are loops with priciple; leaves embroidered with a seam "goat", only in a more complex version. They be convex. Various berries and flowers embroidered satin stitch. The berries have stitches make with the forward direction, with flowers from the center to the edges. Sometimes I use the shadow embroidery.

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