The coloured embroidery stitch is the most spectacular. It is decorated with paintings, murals, blouses, collars, table linen, curtains, etc. appearance color surface depends on the correct choice of color and its distribution in the work. To color surface contours of the figure not sheathe seam "forward a needle", as in white or monochrome. It can be done of silk, wool, linen threads or strands of floss. The colored surface is a simple, double-sided, convex, Chinese, shadow, drawing. The colored surface should be embroidered on the Hoop.

In order to fasten the thread after completing the embroidery, need the working thread passes under the final several stitches.

In this type of surface use a scythe and straight seams of satin stitch, stalk stitch, the chain stitch (simple and twisted), oblique and straight seams cordon. If embroidered in silk thread, often used stalked, straight and oblique sutures. They do embroidery spectacular. Flowers usually embroider a straight stitch, and leaves oblique. To have your work turned out nice and neat, I stick a needle along the lines of the drawing and do not break the contour of the pattern. The direction of stitches may be different, it depends on the location of different parts. For example, if a leaf with one vein, its embroider slanted stitches: first one half of the leaf, then the other. Often the halves perform different shades. In a thin surface the role of veins does the line in the middle of the leaf. In other cases the vein stalked embroider seam.

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