Ambulance, or light, smooth surface

Modern embroiderers simple hand stitches create works with light embroidery. The current manual sutures are more simple than the old. All manual welds performed, as a rule, thick thread, large stitches on the free outline of the drawing. Account thread not adhere to.

In this form of embroidery craftswomen are used in almost all hand joints: line, "forward needle" stitch, stalk-like, "goat", vestibule, bar and surface.

Bar surface

This kind of surface consists of separate stitches running in different directions. They look like rays. The bar surface is used as an independent form and in combination with other types of surface: flat and convex. Its often complement stalked and chain stitches. Bar stitch decorate pillows, bags, panels, rugs, clothes.

Technique of execution is quite simple. First, in the form of points transferred pattern on the fabric. Then the outlines and fill stitches unilateral surface. The stitches themselves can be straight or inclined, the distance between them can also be different. Should not be too long stitches, or they will stretch.

Welt surface

Welt surface is through embroidery. It can be easily recognized by the distinctive Welt or punctured holes in the fabric. These holes (the"hole", "roller", "ball", "leaf", "the clutch-nushka") is covered by gladium roller, cords. Welt embroidery perform embroidery floss made from a thin and durable fabric. For these purposes it is better suited linen fabric. Each hole must be embroidered separately, leaving transitions of thread on the wrong side of the fabric.

Small holes are usually done with a special peg or a simple knitting needle. Then sheathe their cords. Sometimes pre-make a "deck" along the contour of the holes with a seam "forward a needle" and then pierce the fabric. If the hole is larger than 10 mm in diameter, a preliminary "flooring" are mandatory. Then with sharp scissors cut the fabric in the form of a cross and bend its edges on the wrong side with a needle for basting. Only after this is done region by gladium cords. After the work is completed, the edge of the fabric with the reverse side cut with sharp scissors.

When embroidering "cuddles" wide side usually sutured surface, and narrow — cords. The "holes" and "leaves" both sides have to hem the lace.

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