After I found a pattern and picked fabric, it is necessary to lay out a pattern, and the edges align. Why pull the thread to the extreme, and all appeared outside of the thread cut. Edge products better neaten, so they don't crumble during the operation. The fabric should be well ironed and pin to the Hoop.

Drawings for embroidery can be a special and free contour, this means you may need to increase or decrease.

Pictures of the free loop is used for surface, cutwork, embroidery beaded. White embroidery stitch-embroidery countable stitch and cross stitch for special drawings: strictly on the cell or along the length of the stitch.

Special sizes of drawings can be modified directly in embroidery. Why it is necessary to take more or fewer strands of the fabric for one of the working cells.

Pictures of the free contour can be increased by using the projector or on the cells. In the 2nd case, the finished image should be lined on the same cell, and on the paper draw a grid of squares of larger size. Then transfer drawing on paper on the squares. Remember the more mesh, the more accurate and get the picture.

Sometimes you need to make a drawing in accordance with the product, its size and shape. In this case first of all you need to remember proportionate part of the whole picture.

The location of the ornament depends on the purpose of the article, its shape, size and knowledge and skills of masters. Moreover, it is necessary to select the Central part of the pattern.

Before drafting your pattern you need to be aware of what elements it consists of, how they fit together, what parts they can be replaced.

Further, from the paper cut out shape patterned motif and laid out on a flat smooth surface, creating different patterns.

In creating the pattern can help the mirror, if you put it perpendicular to the drawing. The angle can be anything, you just have to choose the best option reflection. Half of the angle obtained by the intersection of the drawing with a mirror.

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