Additional material for embroidery can become the remains of the braid, thread, cord, leather, lace, ribbon, crocheted items and much more. All material should be sorted and, if necessary, to strut, to wash, to iron. In addition, to decorate you will need beads, beads, sequins, faux pearls, decorative buttons, etc.

Seed beads are small round and slightly flattened faceted beads, made of metal, glass, plastic. They have holes for threading the thread. The embroidery is often used opaque glass beads.

Bugle is a small thin glass tube with a length of from 3 to 10 mm. the Beads better to sew viscose threads, as they are extremely durable.

Sequins — round or notched thin plates of plastic, metal, colored and mirrored glass. The neck diameter varies from 2 to 20 mm.

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