Embroidering on dark fabric very tiring on the eyes as it requires a great effort. However, there are a few tricks that make this work.

  • On the dark ground for embroidery should be of good quality, and holes into which the needle is injected, is clearly visible.
  • The work itself to perform better in daylight. If embroidering in the evening, then your workplace should be well lit. Additional always keep the light below eye level, so it does not blind you.
  • When you work to put yourself on your knees white fabric: so you will be more visible holes into which the needle is injected. During a break in the work is very good rescues simple eye exercise: look alternately for 1 minute, then far, then near. This exercises for the eyes will help them to relax.
  • When working with dark fabrics it is better to use the Hoop as a stretched fabric are clearly visible entry holes of the needle.
  • If your eyes become tired, then you should immediately stop to rest my eyes.

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