Except the needle needed a thimblewhich you can select the size of the middle finger of the right hand. Thimbles stainless steel are the best. They should wear when working with thick fabrics.

Nettodental — a special device that helps thread a needle.

Pins needed in the preparatory and auxiliary works.

Requires 3 scissors great for cutting fabric, medium — for cutting threads and little — embroidery cutting. They must all be acute, and their ends tightly to close.

Mikolka or hole punch you will need for making holes in fabric while embroidering.

The Hoop can be round and square shapes. The latter is used for larger works, but they are not very comfortable, so use them rarely. Any fingers consist of 2 parts. The lower ring covered with a cloth, and on it put the top ring, pinching the cloth between them.

If the fabric is at the heart smaller than the Hoop, then it need to sew on extra fabric, which after finishing work just unpick. If the Hoop is small, then the fill pattern embroidery, they need to gradually win over. It should also be remembered that, when performing embroidery with the neckline to draw the Hoop is impossible, as you lose the grid, ie have remove the fabric from the Hoop and pull it again.

Copy paper you need for the transfer pattern on the fabric. First, the pattern is transferred to tracing paper, then put on a fabric transfer paper ink side down, and put up the tracing paper

with the motive. All the layers need to sweep the seam "forward needle". Then the circuit pattern tracing pencil.

Currently, there are special decals pattern which is transferred to the fabric using an iron.

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