The figure needs to be translated into not yet cut the fabric, after inflicting on her cut lines. After embroidering the fabric, you need to moisturize, smoothen and cut out. Then make the item. If the embroidery is heavily contaminated, it should be washed in soapy water.

Embroidery, usually do not make knots, and leave you on the wrong side of the long ends of the strands and loops. Any self-respecting needlewoman has long been doing his job purely as the front and inside, so over the years of existence of this wonderful form of needlework formed their secrets, how to do it.

So, single thread when embroidering fasten with small stitches are made in the same place. Later the place closes embroidery. You can leave the thread end length of 10 cm and fix it after the 1st puncture.

Good results easy to achieve stitch "needle". What the needle is withdrawn to the front side and on the wrong side leaving a tail length of 10-15 mm. Near the 1-m puncture doing a 2nd puncture, bringing the needle thread on the wrong side, and fasten the end of the thread.

If embroidery thread in 2 additions, then fold it up in half and the ends pass through the eye of a needle. Then do a little stitch at the beginning and pull the thread until a small loop, which is formed by adding the thread twice. In this loop the threaded needle with the thread and tighten it.

After finishing, the thread is fixed on the reverse side small stitches seam "forward a needle" or "back needle", the ends of the threads cut.

Fishnet double embroidery thread can be mounted on nevidannyh threads of the fabric, and a single thread to fix the seam "forward needle".

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