So, here are the main rules which you have to follow before starting to embroidery. Of course, over time you will be able to replenish their list is something important to you, but let's start in order:

1. Before starting work it is required to wash their hands with soap to avoid staining the product. With the same purpose on his knees, you have to put the white cloth, and an unfinished product to store, wrapped in a white piece of cloth.

2. For work it is necessary to choose a comfortable chair with my feet for convenience, you can put a small bench.

3. Embroider better in the daytime or by the light of a Desk lamp, which should fall on your left side. Using every hour to do a break for 5-10 min, so not much to tire the eyes.

4. Needles and pins should be stored in the needle bed or a special box. You can't inject a needle in his clothes.

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