As you know, we give all good things to his children, sincerely wishing that they always remained healthy, was a smart, beautiful and neat. And today, when the Ukrainian national traditions are at the peak of its popularity, to see their baby neat and fashionable will help embroidery – suit for girl and boy very stylish national costume, wearing which the child will be megasternum.

Children's embroidery

Children's embroidery

Despite the fact that most of the shirts prefer to wear adults on a variety of festivals and parades marking Ukrainian unity, children also find in this dress something interesting. And it is certainly a cause for joy, because embroidery is a symbol of the country and a talisman. Made in national motives embroidery suit for girls, which you can buy in both in conventional and online stores, includes keeping requirements much more serious than for adults. The fabric used in the embroidery suit for girls and a boy, must necessarily be pleasant to touch, colorful pattern, and the product is practical and convenient.

On the Western part of Ukraine there is a beautiful tradition: the Day of knowledge, i.e., in the first of September, and for the ball to come to school in traditional attire. Thus, the embroidery, the suit becomes the only priority with a festive ensemble. Agree, this is a very important point, as it is in schools can be born the love for the Fatherland and the concept of patriotism. In schools teach us to cherish, respect, and dutifully follow the traditions of their ancestors.

The main difference between the children's handmade costumes from their adult counterparts is the ornament. Also nice cheap shirts suits the machine work. This product is undoubtedly the strength to fulfill every whim of the young customers.

Women's embroidered shirt

Women's embroidery

Taking into account the fact that children, especially girls, love to emulate their favorite moms, you can purchase the same shirts for my daughter and mom. The effect is simply stunning!

Embroidery for women is not only the kind of clothing, it is a talisman against all evil eyes for its owner. Should I remind you that Ukrainian ornaments collected all the wisdom, love and the soul of our people? There is a reason why embroidered shirt under a suit or under a different type of clothing - a symbol of the culture of the ancient Slavs. She will always be in trend because in no way impervious to the forces of time.

Presented today in the sale of women's suits beaded embroidered warm ladies and give them a positive attitude. And this is due to the fact that beading makes them not only a bit of refinement, but the energy, because it is nhemachena, and handmade. Every bead, every stone, every tiny element is sewn separately, carefully and with trepidation, making a magnificent appearance and energy. In addition, clothing with beads comfortable, the woman confident. In the women's costumes, embroidered with beads, ladies be attractive, because they are endowed with a special charm...

As for hand-embroidery stitch, it is also one of the most popular types of needlework, as it gives the opportunity to obtain beautiful patterns that are designed for decoration of women clothes and individual items, table linen and household items, children's items and such trifles as, for example, handkerchiefs.

In this regard, it should be noted that the female costumes embroidered stitch colorful palette — one of the most original. The success of this type of embroidery is largely associated with the correct color distribution. In its performance from white colored surface is characterized in that the contours of the image on the costumes not encircle stitching with. Artistic color embroidery is done from silk, wool or floss.

The preferences of our ancestors

Which is often embroidered by our grandmothers? All ornaments are combined into 3 groups: animals, plants, abstract pattern. The plants are embroidered in order to show the beauty of nature. Often our ancestors depicted hops, grapes, poppies, oak leaves, poppies. Of the animals embroidered birds, cuckoo, doves, butterflies, fish and horses. Such motifs were visible on shirts and shirts. But the female costumes embroidered with ribbons in most of the cases presented with abstract drawings of geometric shapes: triangle, circle, zigzag lines and crosses. It is difficult to say what exactly they symbolized, but in Slavic mythology, they met very often.

Those days are gone, but the most important items of clothing still present in the wardrobe of modern girls. Unique design embroidered women suits, you can buy that everyone can become a guide to the world of national values.

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