Cushion for rings



Size 25 x 26 cm
You will need: 40 x 80 cm light green linen fabric for embroidery countable (117 threads/10 cm); floss; embroidery needle; light green zipper length 20 cm
Execution of work: from fabric to cut out parts A to C with a seam width of 1 see Open sections of all the details to process zigzag stitching. Embroidery floss in 2 addition, capturing the 2 x 2 threads of the fabric, straight stitches in 1 strand. Motif to embroider on the counting scheme in the middle of the front side pads. Embroidery steam iron on the reverse side. Details of the back side sew in straight sections, with average of 20 cm left open for zipper, Vacate zipper. The details of the pads are folded, right sides and sew. Remove the product on the front side, to defer the perimeter at a distance of 1 cm from the edge and stuff the cushion with cotton wool.