Size 34 x 66 cm
You will need: 40 x 75 cm white linen cloth for the audit of embroidery (103 yarns/10 cm); 40 x 70 cm white cotton fabric; embroidery floss; embroidery needle; 30 red square wooden beads with a size of 5 x 5 mm; 42 is a transparent glass beads with a diameter of 5 mm; elastic thread.
Execution of work: to find details with seam 1 cm width: top - rectangle 36 x 68 cm made from linen fabric for the back side is a rectangle 36 x 68 cm cotton, while on the front side to make the area (see the pattern), the area on the back side to perform symmetrically. Open sections of all the details to process zigzag stitching. Embroidery floss in 2 addition, capturing 2x2 threads of the fabric. Motif to embroider on the counting scheme on the front of the capes, recede from the area 6.5 cm Embroidery steam iron on the reverse side. The details of the Cape fold right sides, and sew, with a small section of the seam is left open. Remove the product on the front side and the hole to close. Of hot pink floss and floss with a metallic thread to do the tassel length is 9 cm to sew the Tassel to the corner. Strung on thread 6 beads, wrap it around the tassel and tie. 6 connecting chains strung on elastic thread with a length of 10 cm, alternately 5 to 6 glass and wooden beads and sew them along the edges of capes (see photos).

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