The vast majority of cases, the Amateurs cross stitching prefer specialized materials and tools, believing that they are better suited for creating amazing murals and decoration stuff. On the other hand, along with an outline of the type of Aida you can also use a fabric of uniform weave, the distinguishing feature of which is the absence of the classic layout. It is clear that such a basis is much harder, because there is no familiar landmarks, and you have to constantly ensure that the patterns were smooth. However, if you purchase a Hoop user-friendly design and a preliminary master the basic embroidery skills, you can try to create a pattern on the fabric with a uniform weave of transverse and longitudinal yarns. As in this case, the surface will have no additional holes, the finished product will look very impressive, which is especially important when embroidering paintings, tablecloths and bed linen.

canvas for embroidery

Taking the decision to implement ideas for decorating fabrics with a large number of the unsewn background, you should very seriously as to the choice of the scheme and to search for a good fabric. If you are dealing with the fabric of uniform weave, it is better simple scheme for cross stitch buy that will have a small size and a moderate number of patterns. Due to the fact that not all the embroiderers are able to find specialized materials, the choice of fabric can become a serious problem if you do not know exactly what nuances to pay attention. The most essential criterion is, of course, the composition of which must be a wholly natural linen or cotton. Synthetic raw materials, giving the fabric an unpleasant texture and not credible because of low performance.

Of significant importance is the uniformity of the weave - if you choose products for manual work in the normal store for lovers of crafts, do not look to be material to light. Ideally, fiber should cross at a right angle to intersect with the equity, which are located parallel to the edge. The presence of any distortions is a reason to abandon the purchase after the drawing is crooked because uneven stitches. In assessing the quality roll tissue, it makes sense to carefully examine the folds, the colour of which should be the same in saturation, as in all other areas. If we talk about the material, linen and cotton have certain features, such as linen fabric is resistant to coloring compositions and are often available in various shades of brown, while the cotton practically does not fade.

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