We are all about the present, what is the weaving. At school we were told that the fabric is composed of yarns-warp and transverse threads (weft). What would happen if the transverse yarn to string beads and weave with him? It is easy to imagine that to get a continuous bead belt with parallel rows of beads, and durable plastic. This is the ultimate goal of weaving beads.
Weaving beading was very popular in England in Victorian and Edwardian times and also played a significant role in the ritual robes of the Indians of North America (and the colors and patterns had symbolic meaning. Read about it on our website in a separate article). South African Zulus also used a bead woven tapes, belts and wraps in festive ceremonies. Each color of bead used in the product, had their importance, and their combination allowed how to speak the language of color. Zulu woven belt-letters and sent them by messenger to a nearby settlement. Ushanov on the combination of the colors, the addressee knew, bad or good news came.

A few words about weaving beaded

If you think that weaving you are not very interested and not even very necessary, it dares you to object. Look, the picture shows the purse, the details of which are made in the technique of patchwork and quilted, and in the middle flaunts a woven beaded insert. There are countless thousands of options of products and finishes for clothing, made of beads on the machine. A little weaving painting or mural? ;) More about weaving, read the other articles on our website.

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