Hand weaving beaded Hand weaving is a two — way netting, running on hand (no machine). This method is used to get covers and braids of various items — Easter eggs, vases, boxes, etc. For those who weaves for the first time, learn better with this method because it is in most cases applicable for braiding top and bottom parts of the eggs. For a start spleen sample. You need to take beads (Czech or Japanese is better, it's the same size) in two colors for even and odd rows. Then it is necessary to collect on the line the two beads (Fig. 1, a) and pass again through the first bead (Fig. 11, b) and again to recruit two beads 3-th and 4-th (Fig. 1). The second time should go through a third bead (Fig. 1, g) and again we continue the above technique, weaving belt, whose length should match the circumference of the wooden piece. Hand weaving beaded So, the first two series we completed, with the beads of the first row are connected to each other, and in the second, only with the beads of the first row (Fig. 1, d). Now you need to connect the penultimate bead (let it be, 65-I) and the first and the last (66th) with the second (Fig. 1, e). Passing 3-4 beads odd number, in order to consolidate it, you need to get out of the beads even number. Then again pragti 3-4 beads and bring the end of any bead on the right side. You should recruit a new bead of the third row, enter the line into the bead, from which they emerged, then the last bead, promazyvaya her. Now again, you need to recruit a new bead and continue weaving as in (Fig. 1, W). With twining peaks egg beads should gradually diminish. For this you need to enter the two beads, and version one (Fig. 2). Hand weaving beaded To increase the area of the product (for example, when you run the stand) need the opposite one to score two beads (Fig. 3). Any method of weaving means that the job needs to be from the middle of the egg, where it is smooth and not shrinking. After the two rows, it turns out the beaded belt that you need to connect in a ring. Have to put it on the wooden egg and continue to weave on it. In the course of work you will understand when it would be better to subtract the beads.
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