Copying the sketch on the surface

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When translated to the decorated surface of a complex subject compositions are used up. To avoid inaccuracies and distortions in the translation of the pattern sheet with a sketch attached...

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The images of architectural objects

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Historical secular and religious buildings are often chosen by modern masters as those for creating thematic compositions, decorative panels, decor gift boxes and eggs.The geometry of the silhouettes of buildings...

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Zoomorphic and anthropomorphic motives

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Ornamental compositions used in the decoration of the items are not always a figment of the imagination of the authors. Having a deep symbolic roots, the pattern takes on in...

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Floral motifs

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Plants in the application — one of the most common elements of the composition. The appliques are geometric elements, they have a stylized geometric shape that is built on the...

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When working on complex compositions it is sometimes necessary to introduce elements that are larger than the width of a straw ribbon. In such cases, to perform elements of the...

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Heraldic ornaments

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The armorial ornaments are a complex multicolored composition and require a high skill of execution. As a rule, they are made in the form of a panel.Heraldic ornament can be...

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Axial and symmetric ornaments

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Axial ornaments. Composition, built on the principle of carpet ornaments, along with reportnum can have a symmetrical construction. The drawing in them is organized on the principle of symmetry about...

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Mesh is the most common, which has become almost traditional, the design and decorative household goods: surfaces of trunks, boxes, trays. Womens rhythmic patterns with repeating motifs, usually completely cover...

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Twists of chains and borders

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Chains and borders often play the role of framing and edging when making boxes, chests, bread bins, trays and panels. When you create a composition on the plane where you...

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Borders with rosettes

Hits:982 Appliqué geometric elements

Sockets can be included in compositions of complex patterns. Examples of borders, compositions which include the socket shown in figure 4.44 a—d. Sockets in the composition of...

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Hits:926 Appliqué geometric elements

Sockets are distributed in mosaic patterns, the inlays and geometric appliques strips and represent the elements of the ornament in the form of closed-loop composition built with the use of...

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Hits:901 Appliqué geometric elements

Borders is one of the main elements of the composition, which is used in the decoration of boxes, trays, decorative panels.Unlike chains curbs have a more complex composition. They can...

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Complex chains

Hits:914 Appliqué geometric elements

When you run a complex chain need to prepare a sketch with a sketch of the motif. Sketches of chains need to perform on the graph paper: this will greatly...

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Simple chains

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Often decorated with geometric applique frames, chests, toys. The narrow elongated surface of the frame along the edge of the box, at its side surfaces harmoniously and naturally looked ornamental...

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The ways of making geometrical shapes from straw ribbon

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The elements used in the geometric application, can be divided into two groups: simple and complex. Rectangles, parallelograms, isosceles trapezoids, isosceles triangles make up the first group of figures (figure...

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The technology of gluing of elements of straw on a wooden surface

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The application of the geometric elements is performed over the primed wood surfaces or varnished tinted wood surfaces. Before you start to write complex compositions and decoration of their surfaces...

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