Tools and equipment

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One of the important conditions for qualitative performance of work is the organization of the workplace. When you work with a straw does not require any special equipment. Key requirements:...

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Primers and varnishes

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Applique strips on a wooden surface in a production environment is performed on the adhesive primer and varnish. Previously, the wooden surface is prepared to execute decorative works.Grinding. Surface in...

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Preparing straw for weaving

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Ways to prepare straw for weaving and for application of different. It was due to the fact that the netting used round the stems, and for application — made of...

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Training straw ribbon

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The basic material for applique is a straw ribbon. Is it being used in weaving for some of the decorative elements. There are several ways of making a straw ribbon...

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Bleaching and dyeing of straw

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One of the main decorative features of the straw along with the texture is the color. Not always the master has at his disposal the necessary material with colors that...

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Harvesting of straw

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In the application and the weaving of straw used a variety of grains, each of which has its own characteristics. Many of the advantages and disadvantages of straw of different...

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