The extension workers salamin in flat weaving

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Straw have a limited length, and in the process of weaving there is a need for renewal. There are several ways of extending ending Solomin: connection "wrasse". In this connection...

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Flat twists braids

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The twist weave is another ways of making new and original braided lines on the basis of already known. Braids twists and turns have a zigzag shape. Turns can be...

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Decorative netting

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A decorative weaving refers to weaving, which was developed by craftsmen to make small ornamental items. They found their application in colours, decorative compositions. These netting designed modern masters recently...

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Combined netting

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In Western Europe, were widely used and spread by combined weaving. One network found combination of several types of weaving. The combination of various types of tangles in one further...

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Braids of an odd number of straws of 5 or more

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In this section you will be given the netting characteristic of the work of Belarusian artists and used by artists in Western Europe and America. Unique netting are the property...

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Braids of three Solomin

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Braid "braid" (photo 71). To complete this take 3 braids of the straw and tie them in a bun. Spread the straw in his hands. The straw 1 and 2...

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Weaving with an odd number of straws

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In order to begin to weave any flat braid on an odd number of straws they have to be merged into a flat beam (see figure 5.1 and in article...

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Braids of Solomin even number of 6 or more

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With the increasing number of straws that are involved in netting, increases the number of tangles. Basic techniques cover tions when making smooth and scalloped edges of the braids will...

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Braids of 4 Solomin

Hits:1256 Flat braids

Network with 2 guides (one-sided, photo 56). 1. Take 2 straws from the middle part of the stalk of equal length and diameter. Fold one straw through another, as it...

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Braiding of even number of straws

Hits:1074 Flat braids

Braids, running from an even number of straws have their own characteristics compared to braided lines, which are made of an odd number of straws. Any of them can be...

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Flat braids

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Flat braids are among the most diverse and extensive group among the other types of weaves of straw. Principal flat braids can be made in the form of strips whose...

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