The application of the geometric elements is performed over the primed wood surfaces or varnished tinted wood surfaces. Before you start to write complex compositions and decoration of their surfaces, it is necessary to learn the basic techniques of an application of the geometric elements, ways of making simple ornaments and compositions.
Samples are easier to perform on the boards of plywood thickness 5— 8 mm. the Surface was prepared as described in the article Primers and varnishes. If the application is performed by adhesive soil, straw area of contact of the tape with a surface that has been lightly moistened with water. The fingers should slightly stick to the surface. Avoid waterlogged surface that has not deteriorated the quality of the product.
When you run an application "on varnish" previously by means of a brush or swab applied to the required background color: black, all shades brown, dark cherry, dark green, dark blue, rich red (product made most often from wood light shades — aspen, birch, alder, Linden). The dye is applied with a quick movement of hands along the grain first and then across. Product well dried for three to four hours and varnish at least two times.
The surface area on which attachment elements of straw, covered with a brush a solution of lacquer, and the elements quickly adhered onto a plane. Way of an application on varnish more productive, but requires skill in working hand simultaneously and scalpel, a brush, squeezed between the index and middle fingers.
Mastering this technology, it must be remembered that the primed surface must be well polished, smooth, shiny and dry.
The elements of a pattern cut from the tape with a knife, a Bong, or a scalpel, carefully grind to the plane of the blunt end of the handle or scalpel blade at an angle of 30°. The finished pattern is coated with nitrocellulose lacquer at least twice. Each layer is well dried.
If in the process some elements of the pattern are poorly glued, so they should be taunt with the tip of a knife, removed, and at this place, stick new.

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