When translated to the decorated surface of a complex subject compositions are used up. To avoid inaccuracies and distortions in the translation of the pattern sheet with a sketch attached on the surface (you can use regular stationery buttons). The holes left by the buttons, it is easy to hide later décor or soil. There are several ways of transferring pattern on the surface.
You can use for translating carbon paper, a color which must contrast with the color of the surface to leave the trail was well marked. Between the surface and the sheet with the sketch, place a sheet of carbon paper. As a tool for stroke drawing can be useful charged rod from a ball pen or other tool that has a very sharp end and leaves a thin enough trace.
You can also transfer a drawing using nakoly. After the sheet with the sketch attached to the surface, prick the outlines of the figure and its elements with a thin awl or a needle. The distance between pinned points should provide good reading for all circuits. The tip of the tool should slightly penetrate the decorated surface, leaving small pin holes. Then remove the sheet with the sketch and guide the contour of each object in pencil while drawing.
When transferring the sketch to the surface in the first place, pay attention to the overall silhouette of the image and the main details in his compositions. You can exclude small and secondary part of the picture, which you can perform without preliminary marking, focusing on the position of the major elements.
Consider how to translate the prepared pattern to the decorated plane, the image of a dancing girl (see figure 4.68). We define as a mandatory element for transfer to the surface of the main silhouette, which will draw a figure on a path. From the silhouette, as the secondary part, which is easy to run subsequently without the sketch, eliminate the image of the ribbons and small ornaments headdress. Copying the sketch on the surface
Let us turn to the translation of the elements of the figure. Will hold lines that will define the elements of the headdress and face. The clothes must be labeled with the elements sleeveless jacket and its lower bound, apron, items skirt. Lines can define the places of the ornamental stripes on the shirt and apron.
Implementation of image in the material. To perform image material start with the decking, which will outline the main elements of the figure. When working on each item please refer to the sketch. Not to disturb the color scheme, choose the desired color of straw ribbons. The decking complete in accordance with your earlier directions. The joints between the individual deck elements should be smooth and clean. When working on the clothing items stick to the rules "from large elements to small". For example, in the sleeves first, run top, then plot the bottom and then area which corresponds to the crook of the elbow and cuffs at the bottom of the sleeve. Set the execution order of the elements, moving from top to bottom or bottom to top. Special attention and priority must be observed in locations where one element covers the other and in the gaps formed sophisticated silhouette. In our example, is the place to suit I can find out where the apron is covered by elements of the jacket. The flooring of the apron it will be correct to perform sooner than the jacket. The upper bound will be held at waist level. Then carefully cut out sections of the floor under the elements of the jacket. Do the jacket and skirt.
After you have prepared the basic elements of clothing and head, the areas left for ornaments, follow these ornamental insert. All ornaments must have agreed among themselves on the form elements, proportional to the entire image. The most developed and complex ornament may be marked on the jacket and at the bottom of the apron. A small ornamental strip of the sleeves and the top of the apron develop on the basis of more complex elements.
The final work will be the implementation of hands and shoes, small decorations and ribbons on the headdress. Similarly to the technology described in the disassembled example, to solve the technology implementation any figure. Each image in the subject compositions individually. Based on General recommendations, you will be able to develop the sequence of their execution in the material.
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