Ornamental compositions used in the decoration of the items are not always a figment of the imagination of the authors. Having a deep symbolic roots, the pattern takes on in the modern art sense and the plot. Like the masters of the distant past, our contemporaries are introduced into his compositions signs, claiming eternal and never endangered the concepts of good and happiness, strength and loyalty, prosperity and wealth.
Applique strips has no such ancient history, such as weaving or working with clay. Products that have reached us from the 18th-19th centuries, decorated with compositions of the ornaments and images, typical of these centuries, and are, as a rule, floral designs and compositions, which in its meaning is far from the symbols of ancient ornaments. However, the huge interest in the traditions of the past obliges artists working with the straws in the techniques of applique, find information and subjects of a decor of its products in the more ancient crafts. The woven and embroidered patterns and designs decorative folk fabrics often become masters of one of the main sources of information and guidance in the preparation of ornaments of straw. The similarity of the rectangular elements of the straw rectangular woven and embroidered items made of the information dialog between the arts natural. Taking into account the characteristics of the material and the decorated surfaces add up new songs that have deep tradition.
In the stories of the ancient patterns, along with signs that have an abstract shape of a rhombus, rectangle, sockets,, there are pictures of ancient gods and goddesses, spirits, which have the shapes of symbolic birds, animals, man. These images schematically transferred to strips of weaving, lose their organic connection with the material, although the external similarity of the geometry of the forms, of course, visible. Straw differs from weaving in the preparation of compositions of the ornaments and images, the principle of organization of elements, greater freedom of arrangement of elements on a plane, a great variety of structuring elements, their shapes and sizes. Especially, this discrepancy becomes evident when again the elements of composition, borrowed from other crafts, in the image of animals and people.
The chosen image should be accepted by the author and material, to match its content, not to cause disturbances in the symbolism, such as the raised hand of the goddess, flying or sitting birds, the rider's position on horseback. For the detailed development of the composition of such symbolic images are misplaced too much detail — the image of persons, small items of clothing. In determining the size and proportions of the image study, was taken from this image, what symbols accompany him. As a rule, ornamental characters, including images of animals or humans, took place in the composition of ornaments towels and carpets, rhythmically repeated or alternated with other elements of the ornament and, accordingly, had a small proportion to the whole product and commensurate with the facilities and items, where these items were. A schematic of the transfer of the image violation scale, weaning them from the General context of the ornament is often just empty symbols. They are not ornaments and are unable to meet the requirements of the independent decorative compositions.
The use of iconic ornaments in the decorative compositions should be consistent with their theme, purpose of the objects they decorate. Ancient signs and symbols is an area of human knowledge, which is not always conscious and understandable to modern man. Not worth it to invade it, and copy without a compelling reason and personal understanding, and possessing only the desire to give the product a national character and to support the trend of sketchy Hobbies last of his people.
The subject compositions, including images of fairy tale and mythological creatures, birds, animals, people, require a special approach in the processing of these images and their styling. When working on the theme of the story the artist starts from a realistic or close to them images and based on them building up the composition. Image must be clearly visible and legible on the plane. The object highlights the main figures of, take into account their size and significance in the composition, forms. Discuss elements that do not require unnecessary detail, for example, in animals, it can be horns, fur, paws; birds — feathers; in humans — fingers, strands of hair, the folds in the clothes. You must decide what elements of the figures can be combined and which should be designed as individual elements of the composition. For example, in birds, if their images in the composition do not have a Central location can be combined into a single element neck and torso, subsequently completing them with one deck, etc.
The composition of each shape is discussed individually and depends on many interacting factors to take into account that only the author of the work. Working on images of animals and humans can be attributed to the most challenging applications. It will bring together all your knowledge and experience obtained previously.

General advice when working on complex images can be the following:
determine what takes place in the composition of the image;
analyze its parts, highlighting the most characteristic elements;
combine, if necessary, minor and major elements;
determine the geometric shape as a whole and separately for each selected item;
develop the composition for each selected element, identifying which role in the composition of the entire image it will play;
for each element, determine the technology of its implementation of the straw tape deck or ornament;
define the color composition.
Direction of flooring elements, if it has no special pattern, must correspond to the direction of growth of feathers in birds, fur in animals. The clothing items decks, as a rule, are directed along the folds or along the longitudinal axes of the elements.
The place and size of the image in the composition primarily affects the granularity and the use of decor in his development. Images that are the center of the subject compositions, require a lot of work on the styling, important is the determination of the ratios of the main elements in the image of an animal or human and secondary, as well as the detailed design of the decor.
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