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During the development of the decor, utilitarian and decorative wares primarily takes into account its estimated form, the proportions of the individual parts. Analyzing the design of the box, tray...

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Decorative panels

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Decorative panels made in the techniques of applique strips, in the Belarusian art spread in the second half of the 20th century. The theme of the bouquets and flower arrangements...

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Easter egg

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The tradition of presenting Easter eggs carries symbolism of rebirth, wishes of prosperity and happiness. The most common dyed and painted Easter eggs, but in Western Europe there are examples...

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Hits:1049 Product decoration development

Materials: for the manufacture of cards, you will need heavy paper from which she cut card, fabric or paper of a different tone for the basis on which to run...

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Development decor products

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Applications found spread in creating the decor and the decorative compositions of a variety of items of decorative art. In the techniques of curvilinear and geometric appliques can be made...

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