Straw plastic

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Manufacturer of plastics straw, or straw sculptures, has deep roots in the traditional culture of many peoples of the world, including Belarusians. The images of horses, goats, birds, people rooted...

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The end of twisted netting

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Twisted braid can be finished in several ways. If you do just blank cord, which subsequently will be cut into the elements that tie all the straw netting in one...

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The extension of the working of the straw in the twisted tangles

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Natural length Solomin enough to vpleteny weave no longer than 5-10 cm In twisted tangles of greater length it is necessary to renew work of the straw. The most common...

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Twisted netting

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Twisted netting is one of the most common networks in Belarus and around the world. They are widely used in various areas of wickerwork serve a basis for creation of...

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Volume cords

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Braid "chain" of 2 Solomin (photo 95). Weave a "chain" of two Solomin is one of the most common surround weaving. It is very plastic, miniature, and thanks to these...

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Surround netting

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Surround. netting distributed on the territory of Belarus and other countries of the world, quite diverse, though inferior in number, flat weaving. Bulk netting can be divided into 2 main...

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