Historical secular and religious buildings are often chosen by modern masters as those for creating thematic compositions, decorative panels, decor gift boxes and eggs.
The geometry of the silhouettes of buildings and their individual elements is amazing really nicely with the linear texture of straw ribbons. Quality decorative straws allow another to see their beauty. Images transferred with decorative straw inlay means, don't copy real objects are exactly trying to convey. Based on real proportions, rhythms, plasticity, they become decorative objects that acquire their own unique beauty defined by a master's art. The artist's task is to adapt and rethink the shapes of buildings, churches, cathedrals, to find harmony and unite into a whole understanding of the decorative composition, the beauty of a real object and a complex artistic and technological methods, which he owns.
Silhouettes, light and shadows, the plane of the walls, roofing and the landscape, taken from the real world appear quite different — in the way of decorative objects. Nuances of color matched straw ribbons do not model the volume, they show the beauty of the shaded areas compared to illuminated, the beauty of rhythmic window placement, and tree branches.
Designing a decorative arrangement of buildings, use the principles that were discussed above in the analysis of the forms of plants, animals, and humans. Analyze the overall geometry of the building, its silhouette. Select the main volume and their shape. Consider how you will run the decking of walls and roofs. You may need to develop new methods of flooring straw that conveys the beauty of the texture and the rhythm of the tiled or thatched roof, timbered walls, etc. All these nuances work on composition must be considered in its detailed development.
Turning to the decoration of buildings, determine the place of its highest concentration: this can be the area of location of Windows, doors, roof Gables, etc. of the Composition can contain a different number of décor. The amount and development depend primarily on the object of architecture: for example, Baroque architecture give more to the development of decoration than of architecture of the classical period or constructivism. The architectural style will influence the shape of the generated elements of decor that should match the style of the building and be agreed with him. One of the determining factors are the original style of the artist and the purpose of the composition.
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