Landscape "Birch". Felting wool painting

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Landscape (FR. paysage, from pays - "country area") - the real kind any location in the fine arts - a genre or individual work in which the main subject...

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Christmas balls with your own hands from felt

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Christmas holidays are approaching. How to meet them? Want a New year to change something in your life and to change the usual interior of your home, to create...

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Bear. Dry felting toys

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A love of Teddy bears, soft and warm. So let's make a toy with moving legs, and along with practice in the technique of "dry felting" toys. The first...

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Felted birds. Feliziani

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Dry felting of wool or felting by a very interesting type of craft. With it you can do with your hands, even birds. Let's look at the process of...

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Hares. Felting toys out of wool

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Felting toys out of wool - a very entertaining and interesting pastime. As a result of these activities work like real bunnies, cats, bears and other animals. The...

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Decorating cans with their hands. Felting vitamins

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A great idea is to decorate the lids of glass jars such funny berries from felted wool! Materials: light green, green and black felt for craft 1 mm thick...

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Wool painting, or watercolor wool

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We offer to Your attention a master class on creating beautiful spring compositions in the technique of watercolor wool. Its essence lies in the layering overlay of different shades of...

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Flower "Pistachio ice cream". Felting flowers

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In this article we will tell you how it is done wet felting flowers made of wool. You will need: combed tape in three colors - white, light...

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Flower-brooch "Scent of cocoa". Wet felting

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I'm sure many of your friends and acquaintances will be surprised when they find out that there are flowers made of wool. They are executed in the technique of...

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Sunflowers. Watercolor wool

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Have you been to field of sunflowers? The whole field of suns! The sensation of light, of summer, of joy. Try to transfer those feelings to the picture, using...

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You will need: • the scarf; • yarn for knitting; • needle for faltsevaya {photo f-1).     Take a ready-made scarf from cloth or dense knit. Chalk, apply the basic lines of...

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You will need: • yarn "Giant middle" of a tie-dyed 6 skeins; • sub-frame 1 x 1 m; • tapestry needle (or a pin); . felted wool 5 colors: light...

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You'll need (photo C-1): • yarn dyeing sectioned "Giant middle" (1 skein); • felted wool 8 colors: yellow cheese, egg yolk, green, olive, brown, black, emerald, white, red; • the...

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Cosmetic bag

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As usual will pick up the color of the wool. There will be only two: purple and light green (light green). Not forgetting that in the wet felting wool shrinks...

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Length 70 cm You will need: • yarn for knitting; • wood beads with a diameter of 7 mm — 44 PCs; • clasp for beads; • needle for feliziani...

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You'll need (photo b-1 and b-2): • two cookie cutters-hearts: big and small; • felted wool "Merino"; • clasps for beads and bracelet — 2 pieces; • beads chip red...

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You will need: • the layout of the mobile phone (it can be cut from a block of wood); • needle feliziani; • wool.   In factory worsted wool comes in...

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You will need: • combed tape 4 colors: light emerald (40 Gy); light pink; dark pink; dark emerald (5 - 10 g); • oilcloth; • mosquito net (stiff tulle); •...

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Cat from felt. Feliziani

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Usually all women like cats, but not everyone can afford to keep their homes. To have a gentle beauty and other method - felting her wool. This method is...

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