Hares. Felting toys out of wool Felting toys out of wool - a very entertaining and interesting pastime. As a result of these activities work like real bunnies, cats, bears and other animals.
The materials for each of the birds:
  • white carding tape - 40 g
  • brown washed raw wool 10 g,
  • wool black and pink color - small amount.
The hares consist of the following primary forms: head, body (torso), ears, hind paws, front paws, tail.
1. To start saleite the head and body of a rabbit from the card sliver white color. The resulting forms, gently combine in the neck fibers of wool, separating them from the card sliver. 2. Then cover the rabbit with a thin layer of the wool of brown, except the breast and abdomen, they let it remain white. 3. Now for the hind legs. Salaita them completely from the raw wool of brown color. Need to do the trained thighs of the hare and the expressive space. Attach the hind legs to the body and see to it that your thighs has kept its volume. It was the turn of the front legs. Salaita them in the same way from the raw wool brown color, and then using the punch needle attach to the body of the hare. 4. To make the tail go with the white wool, saleite a small ball and profilseite it back to the Bunny. To perform the ears, for a start saleite 2 plate size of 6 cm each, from the raw wool brown color, while leave some long fibers on the lower tips of the ears netaylove. Using left fibers attach ears with a needle punching to the head, as you can see in the photo. 5. The implementation of the muzzles will require in this case a special scruples and careful consideration: for the eyes, nose and mouth first, make indentations, and then decorate these places with colored wool. The pupil salaita from the wool of black colour and after to illustrate with a live rabbit, add a little white to highlight six. To emphasize the folds of the nose, profilseite thin line of wool black. Mouth run to the inside of the strands of pink wool and add a couple of teeth. Thus runs dry felting toys out of wool, a second rabbit make the same way, only change the position of his body.
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