As usual will pick up the color of the wool. There will be only two: purple and light green (light green).
Not forgetting that in the wet felting wool shrinks by 25 - 30 %, and that the resulting wet felting felted pad will be clipped. Vystelim on famine, alternately changing the direction in five layers of purple wool (photo-1, 2, 3).



Cover the top of the second half of the FA-Tina (photo-4).




The water and thoroughly dispersed water volume (photo-5).



We soap up beyond (photo-6).



The first 10 min being careful not to knock down the layers, Oh (photo-7), then you can a massager, but also through the sheer (photo-8) and in the end the massager without tulle (photo-9).




Further rinsing and drying. That's what eventually happened (photo K-10).



For the next stage use dry felting (felting by) stencil (photo-11). You will create a figure consisting of three ranks of the "twisted cord".



Let's start with the middle row. Otsimisel a thin strand of green wool and using filevalue needle carefully place the end of the strands in the slots of the stencil (photo-12).


Cut off excess with scissors. The essence of the further actions is obvious: you need the whole amount of wool in utilizati felt within the borders of the cutout of the stencil. You can remove the stencil when the coat is mostly fixed, and to bring the item, correcting the line with a needle.

Then apply a stencil and forming the second element, etc. until the end of the row.
Go to the second row (photo C-13), watching the exposure intervals and distances between rows. Photo K-14 shows that the lower row is smooth. But it is quite acceptable blemish.



Next, in this order: • cut a blank from the edges (photo K-15);



• with the help of improvised means, for example, of a plate, to shape the future valve of cosmetics (photo-16);




• to make a slit for the button;
• use sewing machine to sew the workpiece so that it came out like this (photo-17);
• make a button on already known technology {photo-18, 19, 20, 21, 22).


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