Flower Pistachio ice cream. Felting flowersIn this article we will tell you how it is done wet felting flowers made of wool.

You will need:
  • combed tape in three colors - white, light green, lime color
  • fiber flax yellow and green colors
  • viscose white and light green colors
  • beads yellow, green colors, different size

Lay three pancakes: large (15 cm in diameter), medium (13 cm in diameter) and small (11 cm in diameter) white. Take small clumps of wool lime color, tear them on a short prygocki and lay the perimeter of a large pancake.
Take small clumps of hair the color of lime and light green color also tear them into shorter strands and place around the perimeter of the middle of the pancake.
The perimeter of a small pancake decorated with short strands of light green color.
On top of all the pancakes will spread out thin fiber colored linen. Pull out threads a very thin strand of white viscose and lay it on all the pancakes, stretching thin cobweb. For large and medium pancakes add viscose light green color, small in the center put a yellow fiber viscose. If necessary, a strand can be cut with scissors. Follow felting flowers.
After the flower has dried up, middle, embroidered with beads, and on the reverse side of the flower sew the basis for brooches.
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