Bear. Dry felting toys A love of Teddy bears, soft and warm. So let's make a toy with moving legs, and along with practice in the technique of "dry felting" toys. The first rule is to create a sketch on paper, but if you can't draw, then find the picture better in the pencil version, but not the photo. And you are ready to create a warm friend.
You will need:
  • the wool felting is gray,
  • needle felting: thick, medium and thin
  • a great sponge
  • 2 large black beads for eyes,
  • dark grey thread
  • a long, thick needle,
  • thick thread (preferably reinforced) dark grey or black.
Dry felting toys All prepared? Well, now get to work, or rather, to the pleasant pastime. Start with the torso and head. Tear off a piece of wool. 8 squeeze his hand. This kind of size will be the finished part. Roll up the sausage and start to poke her with a thick needle felting on the sponge, trying to coat the inside, not the out from the opposite side. Constantly turn the work so the sausage was uniform. In the process of uvarivanie you will need to replace the needle on average at the moment, when you feel that the item becomes dense.
Tip: needle felting is rather fragile, and so they last longer, stick them at right angles. Be careful, watch your fingers!
Now take a small piece of wool, form a loose ball and "beat" the needle to the intended site of the muzzle. Further evaluate already simultaneously the head, face and create the neck. The longer you stick a needle in the same place, the denser it will be and the more it will dent or bend. If the form is not enough fat, add a cloud fluff the wool. For example, on the trunk back, it will be ass. Now body put briefly aside and proceed to the lugs and pads. Remember: the hair on the parts that occur in pairs open at the same time and go ahead in parallel whenever possible. Otherwise, it is likely that they will get a different size. Dry felting useformula their round shape, leaving the bottom sticking out nezavisne strands. Now attach this place to the head in the same needle.
Dry felting paw bears The bears, they come in different shapes and sizes. Upper thinner and less. They make distinct toes, and the lower make up of two parts - main and feet. For feet, make a separate oval, and then privalite. Don't forget during all the work to change the needle, from thick to medium, as the seal coat. When all the details are ready, start "sanding" with a fine needle. The entire surface must be pierces so that it was sleek and smooth, without traces of thick needles. Assembly A long needle with a thick durable thread to sew the legs so: first login with the inner side of the legs out, turn back inside, then through the body, the inner side of the second legs, outside and inner again. Strongly pull the thread tight and tie off. Hide it inside the trunk. Dark gray thread, scroll your fingers on the legs, embroider nose and eyebrows. Sew the bead eyes.
And now bear needs to wear. Tie a warm scarf, tab on the heel patch as valences. You can go even further - for example, to make a hat or a jacket, then your little friend will not freeze during the harsh winter.
Needlework is fashionable and simple
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