Landscape Birch. Felting wool painting Landscape (FR. paysage, from pays - "country area") - the real kind any location in the fine arts - a genre or individual work in which the main subject image is a natural or in varying degrees transformed by human nature. People are always drawn to nature, the landscape is always pleasing to the eye, calms, because nature and man are inseparable. Try felting wool landscape paintings.
You will need:
  • material - frame with glass size 40 x 30 cm
  • fleece - 40 x 30 cm
  • color spun wool black, yellow, blue, brown, sand white colors
  • green wool in different shades
  • tools - tweezers, scissors

The size of the substrate of cardboard removed from the frame, take rectangle of fabric. Stick to the backing, use a glue pencil is a "canvas" for the picture. "Writing" landscape start with the background, top to bottom and from light to dark. Distract from strips of wool are thin, transparent strands, lay them horizontally on the background is the sky. The strands should overlap one another, so as not shone interlining. Now draw the clouds. For this namibite of white wool fluffy clouds and put them on the sky. Define a horizon line and draw a forest, consisting of trees and shrubs. Pluck the wool, and mixing between different shades of green, form the trees in the background.
Sandy finish background and yellow hair. Pull thin strands of hair, carefully put the box, with no gap at the rear and the road on the left side. To the right, draw the river, mixing blue and blue wool, and adding white (the reflection of the clouds). Draw a few bushes and a tree green sherstyu on the river Bank.
Now go to the foreground. From strands of white wool, twisting a little to them, form the trunks of birch trees. Out of the black yarn, thin branches and drawing on the bark of trees, laying them across the trunks. From green wool in different shades of strands pull, twist and cut it to the desired locations, forming a crown of birch trees. Add on top few yellow leaves. At the base of the trees also cut some green leaves, denoting the young shoots. Draw the falling shadow of the birch trees dark blue transparent strands, lightly fluffed them. Along the road in the foreground draw the grass from dark green wool pull thin strands, twisting them.Felting wool painting is complete, you can draw a landscape in a frame and hang on the wall.
Landscape Birch. Felting wool paintingLandscape Birch. Felting wool painting
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