You will need:
• combed tape 4 colors: light emerald (40 Gy); light pink; dark pink; dark emerald (5 - 10 g);
• oilcloth;
• mosquito net (stiff tulle);
• the child or soap;
• needled device;
• fabric for the back side of the pillowcase;
• Mat, ruler and knife for cutting.
Felt fabric when stalling is reduced in size by approximately Uj. This fact must be considered when putting some dry wool. We make small pad size 30 x 30 cm Unfolded the coat will have a size of 40 x 40 cm (or a bit more because the edge we will need to align).
Choose the wool colors. One will form the basis of your work, and the other three will need to draw a "flower".
First lay the Foundation.
Oilcloth, which will protect your Desk from water, put half of the mosquito nets, and the grid start to lay out the first layer of felted wool. To do this, tear off the threads of worsted tape (photo h-1), the strand (photo N-2) and laminate it evenly (photo N-3). Strand to strands start to lay out the first row (vertically) {photo). If the order was a bit short — please report it. Wool cannot be cut with scissors, because the strands are laid overlapping, otherwise the place seams to be very much thickened.



The second layer put the same but horizontally (photo N-5, N-6). Thus lay 5 layers.
The sixth layer of the drawing. From wool pink tear off a short strand of hair and gently place the petals of a flower (photo N-7). So they did not move during the felting, a little under-Felicite them with a dry needle.
Lay in the veins of flower petals thin strands of dark pink (photo H-8).
In the same way, lay out the leaves and vines (photo N-9).

The second half of the mosquito nets cover the blank (photo H-10) and soak it in a thin stream of hot water from the center to the edges (photo H-11). But the water went all under. Take your vessel and disperse water in all directions, so she soaked all the layers of wool, and harvesting "involved" in the mosquito net (photo H-12). All the wool will immediately decrease in volume.



The mesh performs two functions: it protects the pattern from the spread and, second, through her easily enough is rubbed with soap, therefore the need in the manufacture of soap solution disappears (photo H-I3).
When water is slightly cool, you can start the process of felting (photo N-14). All movements come from the center to the edges. Do massage, light, unhurried. First, follow the circular movements, then how do you tell a fantasy. But the first 10 minutes are not particularly zealous. "Pomassirovti" front side, turn the work to purl. Mosquito net will help you at this stage. It does not give all six layers to fall apart during flipping. Continue the massage.


Then is easier. Remove from work the net, because your design is already fixed (photo N-15). Work on a clean canvas. Massage it, RUB it, knead the dough, use a plastic tumbler (photo N-16). This device will simplify your work.
When the product is ready? Once the hair stopped moving the friend to friend — this time. Second, when they adopted a uniform structure of the nonwoven web, and, third, to the touch it resembles wet cotton wool.
Your felted piece is ready. Rinse it, soak for 15 minutes in acetic water, Pat dry and dry flat.
Followed by "finish the pattern". Take a dry needle and a thin strand of felted wool. Beat her in the loop (photo H-17,18).


If the result of faltsevaya too active (photo N-19) — use needle device "Clover" (photo N-20), and your contour will become blurred, less active. You work to leave at this stage, but it is possible it again to roll about 10 minutes to contour even more blurred, and "tightly" was included in the structure of the canvas.
On the Mat with the cutter and ruler, trim the uneven edges of the felt base (Foton-21).
From fabric cutting the reverse side of the pillow case at its own discretion (with zipper, with valve). Felt sew with the wrong side corners of the nadsekite and don't forget to neaten the edge.
Insert in the finished pillowcase a pillow. It can be knit on their own, stuffed the remnants of batting.


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