Flower-brooch Scent of cocoa. Wet felting I'm sure many of your friends and acquaintances will be surprised when they find out that there are flowers made of wool. They are executed in the technique of felting or wet felting. Let's take a closer look at the process for example making flower brooches.
You will need:
  • combed tape three colors: brown, mill, white
  • silk fiber white color
  • viscose brown and white colors
  • white thread banana
  • small beads brown
  • one big brown bead

Lay three pancakes (see master class): large (14 cm in diameter) colors of cutters with the addition of white strands, medium (12 cm diameter) colors of cutters with the addition of very thin strands of brown and small (10 cm in diameter) brown. All the pancakes, lay the silk yarns banana thin veins.
Take very fine strands of brown viscose and lay it on all the pancakes, stretching thin cobweb. In big and medium-sized pancake, add the viscose of white color. If necessary, a strand can be cut with scissors. Further carry out wet felting.
After the flower has dried up, middle, embroidered with beads, sew the center bead, and on the reverse side of the flower sew the basis for brooches.
In the end you'll have a beautiful and unusual decoration for a dress or jacket, made in the technique of wet felting.
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