Felted birds. Feliziani Dry felting of wool or felting by a very interesting type of craft. With it you can do with your hands, even birds. Let's look at the process of creating a bright parrot, wood pecker and blue Kingfisher.
Materials for the parrot:
  • white wool - 30 g,
  • swirls blue mohair - 5 g,
  • green, yellow, brown and blue wool - small amount
  • chenille wire - 2 cut at 15 cm.
Materials for woodpecker:
  • white wool - 30 g,
  • black wool - 5 g,
  • red, grey, white and black wool - small amount
  • chenille wire - 2 cut at 15 cm.
Materials of Kingfisher:
  • white wool - 50 g,
  • turquoise wool - 5 g,
  • brown, dark brown, grey and black wool - small amount
  • chenille wire - 2 cut at 15 cm.
Felted birds. FelizianiAll birds consist of the following basic forms: head, body (torso), beak and tail.
1. Salaita basic shapes from the wool of white color, using a rough beginning punch needle, then the needle of medium thickness and very tight.
2. The head in the form of a ball, attach to the body with a punch needle, pierce should obliquely. Head of poultry shall be situated as an extension of the body, so the transition between the parts, close the thin coat and profilseite. Neck go punch a needle in the same place several times - it will bend.
3. To make the tail, the wool of the right color will get in the form of loops. Further, this loop will first seal with punch needle, and then closed end profilseite to Taurus birds. Methods: the hair on the tip of the tail drag in different directions and separately safelite or leave netaylove, like feathers.
4. To make a closed beak, do 1 scoop of "shy" to do an open beak — 2 and very tightly profilseite using a thin punch needle.
5. To make feet for each bird, take the chenille wire - 2 cut at 8 cm and 1 cut at 15 cm. Felted birds. Feliziani 6. Wrap the legs from the chenille wire a few layers of wool, gray or brown color and place them as shown in the diagram. The joints wrap a bundle of wool criss-cross.
7. Bend the legs of the birds as shown in the right image of the diagram. Tie the Central jumper to the body of the bird woolen fibers in several layers. Make sure the connection was strong and that jumper turned out to be entirely closed. Felted birds. Feliziani 8. It is time to "paint" the bird. Woodpecker has the following coloration: top of body and top of head black with white spots on the abdomen of a small section of red. A parrot can be bright or colorful, for example, make the back and tail are blue, the belly and lower tail - yellow head - green, the beak and the eyes blue. The Kingfisher will fit the feathers in turquoise and brown tones and the beak is gray-blue color.
9. Attach to the head of the birds two little balls of dark wool, use a thin punch needle, thus the bird appears eyes.
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