Length 70 cm
You will need:
• yarn for knitting;
• wood beads with a diameter of 7 mm — 44 PCs;
• clasp for beads;
• needle for feliziani (photo B-1).
Roll up in soft yarn (previously used) 17 balls: one ball with a diameter of 3 cm and 16 pairs of balls with a diameter from 1 cm to 2.5 cm the ends of the strands of yarn balls secure (photo B-2)
Take the yarn sectional dyeing, secure the ends with needle for faltsevaya on the ball of wool. Gradually, tightly stacking the row to row the yarn in a spiral, wrap the whole ball. The thread cut to-neznicitelnosti. Thus, zadekorirovat all the tangles, (photo B-3, 4,5)



The Assembly of beads. Secure the end of the thread on the necklace clasp. Dial on thread 14 wooden beads, then in order, starting with beads with a diameter of 1 cm (photo b-B) to the Central bead with a diameter of 3 cm, pick up one half of the felt beads, p-live them with wooden beads. Further from the Central beads in the reverse order. Secure the thread end on the other side of the clasp. Beads are ready.


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