The Egg Basket. The beaded eggs-beaded (schema) The beaded egg beaded on the example of basket with berries and flowers of strawberries will give you the opportunity to create a great souvenir for the Easter holiday. By the way, the bead can not only weave jewelry, toys and braid the eggs, they still can and to sew awesome picture — bright and saturated. In each bead as a pixel. Work like cross stitch, but in my opinion, easier. For convenience, usually acquire ready-made sets of beads. I especially like the partial embroidery when the background of the painting remains blank and embroidered beads only the Central group of elements. Then the picture looks even more prominent, like in a 3D effect.
  • piece of wood in the form of egg size 4 x 6 cm
  • beads of red, brown, Golden, white, yellow and two shades of green flowers
  • 2 medium and 3 small beads
  • bead needle
  • thread
Paint the blank with a strong solution of tea. To do this, attach the workpiece on the awl or knitting needle, dip it in the solution or paint brush. Put in a glass to dry. Repeat the procedure 4-5 times for a more dense coloration. Weave the mesh-belt in figure 1A (upper odd number of turns, for example 19 or 21). Connect the mesh in the ring at the Fig. 1B. Put on the belt on the egg. Paddlelite the bottom in Fig. 1, the maximum repeating the shape of the workpiece. Completing a series of starting a new row each time a pass is typed at the beginning of the previous row to the beads. In Fig. 1 shows only 4 rows, then if necessary zaplatite. To lock the position of the mesh-belt by 3-4 rows of the bottom, to podblast handle baskets (chain "g") in Fig. 1B. Lock handle position, sticking in the top of tailor's pin. Pick up the wire cutter part of the pin flush with the handle. Embroidered 3 rows mesh Golden-brown beads (Fig. 1B). The Egg Basket. The beaded eggs-beaded (schema) Thread a length of 70 cm with a needle on each end of the weave leaf large (3 PCs.). Start with the Central number, woven with a cross (Fig 2A-C) Further paddlelite first one side (Fig. 2G), and then another. In Fig. 2D shows the entire leaf. In Fig. 3 shows a small leaf that weave the threads of 60 cm (7 pieces). Sew 3 pieces (each with one large and two small leaves), pulling a ring of beads marked with x's. Sew the two pieces on one side of the basket slightly shifting to the right, sew a small leaf on the left is closer to the handle. On the other hand sew the Shamrock, also shifting it to the right (see photo). Berries is braided with pearl beads. For large berries (2 PCs) cut thread Leaving a length of 80 cm end of the thread, 7-10 cm long, thread 5 red beads, lock them into the ring. Repeat needle for beads rings for fixing the thread. String 4 beads and slide the needle through the first bead, as shown in Fig. 4A. Guide the needle through the next bead in the circle, string 3 beads. Guide the needle through the beads b, 2 and 3 (Fig. 4B). Similarly paddlelite 2 more rings. The sixth ring connect the second and fifth rings. To do this, swipe the thread through the bead 9 in the first loop, string 2 beads, swipe the needle through the fifth bead in the ring (Fig. 4B). Turned 6 rings with 5 beads in each. Thread print to podpletennaya the second row of rings as shown in Fig. 4B. Paddlelite in Fig. 4G second row of 5 rings 6 beads each. A bead with a diameter of 6 mm, put inside a woven hemisphere. Fig. 4D paddlelite 3 row of 5 rings with 5 beads. Fig. 4th pull in the circle of 5 beads in the top row, again go through the ring, pulling it. As in Fig. 4E weave yellow beads in the centers of the rings of the third and second rows and in the center of the first ring. Guide the thread through the beads braided with beads strapped to the top ring. Paddlelite in Fig. 5A to each red bead of the ring in the dark green bead. Also pull them into the ring, and Fig. 5B paddlelite sepals are of different length and the stalk of 8-12 dark green beads. Sew the shamrocks on the front side. Little berry (2 PCs) weave in Fig. b a-g, criss-crossing bead with a diameter of 4 mm. Sew one from the front another from the back. Large flower (2 PCs) weave thread with a length of 40 cm Fig. 7. a and B. Sew on the front side. Little flower weave is similar (Fig. 8) and sew on the back side. The beaded egg beaded over.
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