• piece of wood in the shape of an egg
  • beads dark-blue — 15g
  • beading white a — 15 g
  • beads dark-blue — 40 PCs
  • white beads — 65 pieces
Decorative thermal labels printed, put on a wooden workpiece in the form of Easter eggs and dip in boiling water for one minute. The film is tightly sewn workpiece. You can now begin the process — beaded eggs-beaded. Weave belt with openwork mesh for a three-diamond (an initial set of sixteen beads) with side diamond three beads (Fig. 1). Lock the belt in the ring. It should have the circumference of an even number of diamonds and is very tight fitting the workpiece (Fig. 2). In our case it is forty diamonds. Put the belt on the workpiece. Do the finishing rows of beads and beads covering the outlet of the drawing in accordance with the scheme (Fig. 3A — I). For uniform tightening of the braid, alternating between both sides for two-three rows. For forming a smooth oval edges, smoothly covering the pattern, weave side the inscription "XB" eight rows of beads and beads. If the image is in the correct oval is not fit, short weave additional rows. In our case, from the birds weave six rows completely, and the seventh and the eighth line is near the top of the crown, thereby forming the necessary circuit pattern. The middle is woven mesh, passing through both the crown, embroidered "Christmas tree" (Fig. 4).
Titova Elena
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