How to make egg beadTIC?If you ever wondered "How to make egg bead quickly and easily?", then read on, this article is for you, because we offer netting can master even a child.Tools and materials:
  • pieces of wood, wrapped in foil or painted in Golden color
  • beads gold, blue and yellow flowers of medium size
  • large beads of blue color
  • beads blue color
  • reinforced thread or fishing line No. 25
  • needle bead
Run mesh netting belt (Fig. 1). The number of repeating elements of the pattern depends on the diameter of the wooden workpiece. This number ranges from 6 to 8. When the belt need to weave such length that it fits snugly harvesting eggs. Then you need to connect the first and last rows, as shown in figure 2. Next, you weave the beads in and wear a belt of beaded mesh on a wooden egg.
How to make egg beadTIC? 
Then you need to spin in a circle both ends of the workpiece at a time, using an arbitrary mesh netting.
How to make egg beadTIC? 
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