The workpiece in the form of balls with a diameter of 5.4 cm, beads white "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 1006 - 4 oz., beading gold "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 1870 - 4 oz., beads light purple "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 5845 - 3 oz., beads dark purple "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 5435 - 3 oz., beads dark blue "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 6668 — 5 oz., beads black "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 1000 - 1 oz., beads for the bottom of the white "Guetermann glass pearl" art. 773883 col 1030.

Weave the belt according to the diagram in figure 76, displaying the diagram is symmetrical and repeating two times. Put the belt on the workpiece. The rear portion of the fish (bottom eggs) doplatit white beads.


Head braid with beads in the following sequence: two rows of dark purple beads, four rows dark blue. Then mark with pencil on the blank space where there will be eyes and doplatit the head of the fish until the end of the dark blue beads using the diagram of the eye (figure 77).

Further, according to the diagram in figure 78 tat a mouth. The number of braided beads depends on the diameter of the mouth. In our case it is approximately equal to one centimeter. Little fins braid on the diagram in figure 79. Their location is indicated on the girdle crosses. Sew the sides of each of the lucky fin to the bead highlighted in the diagram of the belt touch.


The location of the big fin is shown in the double belt loop. Weave according to the scheme in figure 80 the first one the part of the fin, then back to the beginning of weaving, in the same way. Then stitch between the two parts from the head to the top of the fin (figure 81).


The tail of fishes consists of three parts. Please follow the diagram in figure 82 gold beads. Then according to the scheme of a small fin (figure 79), starting from the second row, weave the dark blue beads of the first Central part of the tail. The middle bead of the last row should be Golden. Then alternately weave beaded two remaining parts of the diagram in figure 83 sewing the first row to the edge of the woven above scheme. So the fish looked up, sew beads for stability closer to the tail.


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