Eggs from beads with their hands Eggs from beads with their handsJob description
Entanglement bulky objects - the work is meticulous and even with detailed instructions, a creative approach is needed and possible changes in the calculations because they can vary themselves of the workpiece, the density of the weave and size of the beads. So read the entire description and understand the principle and then get to work. With twining apply two techniques. First woven "belt" - a ring in the middle of the egg openwork mesh netting. Then, from the "belt" pletetsya the top and the bottom in the technique of "mosaic circle" with reductions in the number of beads in the form. Unwind from the coil filament convenient for weaving length (1.5-2.0 m), not cutting it. wax, just wipe the threads 2-3 times with a piece of beeswax. At this end of the thread, begin to weave a "belt" in Fig. 2 . further, according to Fig. 3. Eggs from beads with their hands Council. In the upper and lower turns, gaining 5 beads pick beads more narrow that the edges of the "belt" fit snugly to the workpiece. When will the end of the thread of 10-15 cm will secure the thread, take it in the reverse order of 5-7 grid cells without disturbing the circuit and cut the end. Now on the other side of work, cut the thread from the coil convenient length, flip the woven piece and continue to weave a "belt" - mesh in Fig.3. When the length of the "belt" would be sufficient to encircle the egg volume (10-11 large rhombuses), connect it to the ring in Fig. 4. Bottom type 3 black beads, guide the thread through the bead on the right. Next, enter one bead and slide the thread through the bead on the left. So doplatit connection, picking up one bead and passing through the bead on the right, then left. Upstairs type 3 black beads and go through the white bead on the right. Please note, that knocked the circuit pattern. Put the ring on the workpiece and start to braid the top of the eggs out of beads with their hands remaining thread. If you need to podblast a new thread, make the end knot, tan thread to match. Enter thread a few beads to podpletennaya, pull the knot into the bead, so it does not spoil the kind of work and pass on the previously woven the beads to start working (Fig. 5). For braiding the top or bottom in the technique of "mosaic circle" dial 2 or 1 bead of the right size and color and spend a needle through the protruding beads of the previous row. The transition from number to number perform the following: podplat the last bead of the row, swipe the thread through the first bead (or the first two beads) of the previous row and up through the first bead of this row. Thus, the beginning of each row is shifted diagonally, and the weave going in circles. If you make the wrong transition, the pattern will spiral. To stay and not lose the location of the first beads, it is possible to note, having tied to it a thread of contrasting color. Eggs from beads with their hands To weave the first row of the top output the thread from the vertex of the rhombus (white bead), type 2 black beads, go through middle bead of the top corner. Type one gold bead, go through middle bead of the next turn. Again, type 2 black beads and go through the white bead (the tip of the diamond). So doplatit a number to the end through the last white bead, then re-swipe the thread through the initial two together, recruited the beads of the first row. Then podletaya following rows of Fig. 6. Red dotted line indicates the offset of the beginning of the series. The Council With twining the top follow the 5-6рядов without reducing the number of beads, using the beads are narrower for volume changes. Then you can change the amount by typing over the two beads one, choosing its size. So changing the size or number of beads appetite top. When the reductions will be 5-6 beads, lock them in a ring and pass on him twice, pulling tightly. I want to warn you that due to the difference of the applied beads, and the density of the weave, it is possible and even interesting images. Don't be afraid to improvise and to dissolve, correcting poorly woven ranks, reaching the tight fit of the beads to the workpiece. Eggs from beads with their hands The bottom appetite similar to top in Fig. 7. In the figure as red dashed line shows the line offset of the beginning of the series. To egg bead his hands were steady, weave the stand in the form of a ring of 25-30 beads, if possible go for ringlet twice (Fig. 8, the number of beads shown schematically).
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