Easter eggs and cake - the main symbols of the main Orthodox feast of the Passover. Entanglement beaded eggs "Moonlight" is a very creative pastime. We use a lot of material - beads of different sizes, beads, cutting, opal and button. The finished work looks tenderly over mother of pearl.
You will need:
  • beads: pearl 40 grams, pale-pink -25 g, pale turquoise; 25 g;
  • cutting, seed beads, beads of the same shades;
  • the chip of the opal;
  • pearl button;
  • piece of wood 26 cm in circumference and 11 cm in height
1. Appetite pearlescent button as a cabochon.
2. The band consists of 2 rows: weave the first row, close to the button (the teeth of the chain should be on one side top or bottom) and lock in the ring, go to the second row (Fig. 2A, b). Plaiting the second row (Fig. 2B), and lock ring similar to the first. 3. Wear a belt with a button for precise tightening. In the beginning tighten the front side, picking up one or two beads. Then the wrong side, making sure that the button did not move in the braid. 4. Wooden blank to paint with acrylic paint under one of the flower beads. 5. Weave belt mesh beaded pearl color (Fig. 1). Stitched belt tightly fits the height of the eggs, walking along the tops. During operation the belt is not slipping from his seat, secure it in several places with thin pins with a ring on the end. First pletetsya the front part of the egg is totally arbitrary rows, alternating beading and cutting, gradually filling the space until then, until there is only room for braided buttons. To fix the button. Then pletetsya the rear portion in the same manner as the front, just before the end. 6. In the last turn at random the entire surface of the eggs embroidered with chips of opals. The belt is embroidered separately, sprigs of beads, cutting, large beads. Entanglement beaded eggs over.Wonderful moments
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