Egg Strawberry. The beaded eggs-beaded (schema)The beaded eggs-beaded (schema) - you will need:
  • beads №10 green
  • beads No. 10 red
  • beads No. 10 white
  • beads No. 10 gold metallic
  • bead number 10 yellow
  • piece of wood
  • thick wire for the frame of the base
  • thin wire for weaving
  • floral tape
  • artificial moss and sisal
  • 4 large beads (braiding)
  • a plate or bowl for Bush
The execution of the work
Egg odletem red beaded "peyote stitch", spotting his yellow beads as the seeds of strawberries. Work begin on the scheme №1. The addition is performed until we reach the flat part of the workpiece. Next spin, picking up one bead and going through one bead of the previous row. When braided flat part of the workpiece, start the contraction of the canvas. To do this, recruit 1 bead and go through the previous two series. The beaded eggs-beaded. Egg Strawberry. The beaded eggs-beaded (schema)
Little strawberries also made the "peyote stitch". Odletem beads, gradually narrowing the weave to the middle. The void fills with cotton or polyester batting and finish the strawberry. If nothing is at hand, it is possible to fill the void with a plastic bag. Next, thread the hide, stretching it between the beads to the braid. Calyx with sepals of strawberry woven "mosaic" and "Ndebele". Begin braiding cups 6 beads: recruit 6 beads and close into a ring, then weave 5-6 rows of the mosaic, gradually expanding the canvas, odplata two beads instead of one. Next, weave the sepals technique of "Ndebele" in scheme 2. The length of sepals is dependent on the size of braided balls, but somewhere in the 6-8 beads at the end of the sepals are narrow to one of the beads. The beads stacked rows of sepal with a large strawberry weave 1.5-2 cm "mosaic" of the harness. At the end of the harness attached metal ring for which you will hang the finished eggs braided bead on the frame Bush. The leaves of the strawberry Bush are doing in a circular French technique according to the scheme # 3 and collect three, as shown in Fig. 1.
Egg Strawberry. The beaded eggs-beaded (schema)Flower of strawberry is done in a looped technique from white beads according to the scheme №4, stamens Golden beads.
All items attached to a thick wire, which is wrapped with floral tape.
Bush finished the strawberries put in a bowl and cover with plaster, decorate the top Sisulu and moss.
Author - Tetyana Shust.
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