Cactus. The scheme is braiding balls beadedMaterials:
  • wood billet - diameter 4.3 cm, height 6 cm;
  • beads light green transparent color - 2 g
  • beads color transparent green - 2 g
  • beads dark green - 2 g
  • beads gold color - 1 g
  • beads yellow 2 g,
  • the beaded Burgundy - 4 g,
  • beads dark pink - 2 grams
  • beads of pink color - 2 g;
  • beads for the bottom of the green.
First you need to weave the belt (scheme in figure 1). To display her symmetrical and repeat 9 times. Next you need to wear a beaded belt on the wooden egg and braid the top and bottom of the workpiece (the diagram in figure 2). For stability on the bottom of the egg you need to sew beads green color. After following the diagram in figure 3 it is necessary to embroider on the cactus bogorotsky. To do this, use the beads, which circled a double outline in figures 1 and 2. After you have at the top of the eggs to run in a circle the diagram of figure 4. Before interweaving beads dark pink, insert a piece of foam. To the beads, which is marked by a cross will need to attach the petals of a flower. The petals are weaved with 2 needles according to the scheme in figure 5. First, you need to weave the bottom of the petals, then top. Then follows in the middle of a cactus flower to sew the stamens as shown in the diagram from figure 6. In order that the petals of the flower were raised above the cactus, you need to sew under the lower petals beads light green color, gaining three beads and sewing them to the same bead that are the petals. Cactus. The scheme is braiding balls beaded
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