Egg bead liliesMaterials:
  • beads
  • cutting pink and green tones
  • silver faceted beads
  • beads silver
  • beads flowers white or mother of pearl
  • pink bead
  • piece of wood 28 cm in circumference and 12 cm in height
  • Appetite billet pink beaded (belt - mesh according to the scheme in Fig. 1 and the crown of peyote).
  • Embroider two girdle faceted beads and appetite silver beads according to Fig. 2.
  • Make sprigs of Lily of the valley in figure 3.
  • Egg bead decorated with leaves. Weave 8 leaves unsewn.
  • Spipe 4 leaf stitched.
  • Embroidered entire surface of the balls with pink bead and cutting (Fig. 4).
  • 3акрепите not stitched leaves, turning length.
  • 3акрепите sprigs of Lily of the valley.
  • Secure 5 stitched leaves on top are sewn.
  • Install on top of the egg beaded pink bead.
  • Egg bead lilies
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