Undoubtedly the best gift is the one made with your own hands. Well, if you still choose the unusual design, the thing you want to bring a gift is even more valuable and beloved. In connection with this offer to perform the Easter egg beaded "Hollow egg" and "Monomakh". The first Easter egg fascinates with its originality, because there is only a hollow shell of beads, through which you can even watch. Second egg for a truly Royal persons, it emphasizes the influence and status of the owner. "Hollow egg". Easter eggs bead Cap of Monomakh and Hollow egg. Easter eggs beadYou will need:
  • hard steel wire
  • dark blue and silver beads,
  • flower for decoration.
First weave the Central belt but the scheme № 1 (square of side 6 beads). Then the work will continue according to the scheme № 2, podletaya to the Central strip of the 2nd row. The following ranks will reduce the number of beads in the side of the square, narrowing, thus, the width of the woven fabric. After braiding decorate the egg bridami of silver beads, holding them diagonally through all the squares from top to bottom. Bride will secure the beads at the corners of the squares. For stability the bottom of the eggs are not lagging. On top of the egg garnish with a flower. Cap of Monomakh and Hollow egg. Easter eggs bead "Cap Of Monomakh". Easter eggs bead Cap of Monomakh and Hollow egg. Easter eggs beadYou will need:
  • the fur strip (width 3 cm)
  • gold beads and beads
  • beading light brown color for braiding the bottom of the egg
  • rhinestones
  • wood harvesting eggs,
  • a piece of wire to cross.
At the beginning of the Central part of the billet stick a piece of fur. Then enter on the thread beads of Golden color so that its quantities were equal to the circumference of the wooden blanks over the edge of the fur. Lock the bead thread into the ring, secure it and attach it to the fur. Continue work using peyote stitch in a circle, in a timely manner reduce the number of beads in the row. The upper part of the egg includes a bump, make one from cardboard or other dense material. A circle of braided egg divide into 6 equal portions and run bride of beads of Golden color. Egg decorate with rhinestones. Then follow the cross, for this string on the wire beads. Finished cross attach to the top of the workpiece eggs.
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