Bundles of beads can be used in different ways. For example, they may become a necklace or used as keychain pendant. But some choices are beaded harness so original, that just must be present in each box.

Unusual colored harness.


To work over this harness we need bright, contrasting bead, it will be easier to track the netting during training. Once you master this technique, you can start and monochrome models. Moreover, the beads should be in two sizes – large and smaller. Major will go to the Foundation, and the fine will be its Supplement.

Strung on a thread on 6 small beads, and crossed threads in 4 strung large beads in a contrasting color. Weave will be in one thread ,so that the second tail we have yet restless. You will need it for the design of the clasp.

Now strung on thread 1 bead basis, large, and 7 small color. And come back down again passing through the 4 beads of the basics.

String 7 more beads bright color, and send the thread back, but not through the 4 beads of the basics, and after three, as 4 will be the largest bead from the second row.

To the trunk of our harness was more fluffy, better to add a row with a bead basis, every 2 normal. Then gradually the length of your harness will increase, and the trunk will grow into a furry treatment. Don't forget about the alternating colors, so that the spiral is positioned where you want them, move slightly in the braiding process tight and pull on the thread, the weave should be tight enough. Besides, remember that in these 2 rows, until you add another core beads must be two rows at the same level, but different colors. That is, yellow one side, purple on the other, and then you can enter a number with the main bead. Also, the color for rows with a blue bead also must be alternated through one.

Difficult, as you can see, there is nothing is enough to start, and to understand the principle of netting of the harness.

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